A castle is an ephemeral and powerful work.

A castle, an embattled and defensive mansion, dominates the land and the sea.

A castle is a magical and imaginative place that recalls the childhood fantasy of princesses, knights, "arms and love".

A castle is also, today, a place for everyone to live, live together, live again.

Our castle is a space where fantasy and the contemporary, past and present meet, where sea, light and stone make us, you, everyone dream.

Ideal place for your exclusive holiday

On the extreme edge of eastern Sicily lies Tafuri Castle, historical residence of charm. The castle combines the values of the past with a contemporary redevelopment: eleven elegant suites, equipped with modern amenities, overlooking the sea. A rooftop swimming pool with solarium, large common rooms, lounge bar and a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea offer relax in a unique location.