"The Sicanian waves that break upon the shore, close to Pachynus, scoring the high promontory ...

The island spur of Pachynus shall bear a holy tomb raised by the hands of thy master, urged thereto by dreams, to rest thy soul at the streams of Helorus."

Lycophron, Alexandra, lines 1174-1188 (III century a. C.).  

The Ionian Sea that bathes the coast under the castle is quite deep and this gives it shades of colour from turquoise to green to blue. It is a sea with a relatively low salinity at the surface, yet rather high in the middle. The tide is not very strong and the tidal range is minimal. The water temperature is pleasant in Summer and Autumn. The surroundings are characterized by the presence of beautiful free beaches with facilities, with very clear, fine sand that gives the sea a charming "tropical effect" colour.