"Our todays and yesterdays are the blocks with which we build"

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The re-qualification project for Tafuri Castle, an expression of a society of immanence and a symbol of eclecticism, still in vogue in the early twentieth century, was initiated on the will of the owners who wished to change the current situation to return the castle to its former splendour, to the territory and to a use.

With the scientific and project coordination of Fernanda Cantone, the project goes beyond material aspects and is based on the concept of redevelopment, in other words on returning to an asset of good quality lost in time. Choices have been dictated by the desire to highlight the transformative stages of the castle: its original construction, its completion in the sixties, its expansion in the seventies and the current redevelopment. Every material, every colour, every shape has been preserved, given value and interpreted to provide a harmonious whole. It is the sense of time that generates the design choices, in order to emphasize or conceal its transformations. It comes with a respect for the the white strong stone material, which is the main characteristic of the structure. Finally the sense of territory, as Lynch put it, a deep respect for the identity features of the area, made of history, matter, light, form, perception.