Opened in summer 2017 by Chef Roberto Pirelli, ViDi restaurant became one of the best

restaurants in Sicily and in Italy. The restaurant received important recognition such as

“Assiette Michelin” in 2020 and “Best restaurant in Sicily” from Golosario Gatti & Massobrio


The inspiration for Roberto dishes comes from his origine, parfume and memories of his

sicilian childhood , curiosity and sense of discovery, as well as his long-lasting experience in

foreign countries.


His distinctive approach to cuisine can also be felt in the bright and well refined dining room,

where everything, from the sea view to the glassware and sea scent, complete the perfect

picture. The result is a multisensory culinary experience that is carried to the guest with

cordiality and naturallness.

The Europe southern restaurant or…if you prefere…in the heart of Mediterranean sea.

ViDi…look back to the past with modern eyes!



Inspired by seasonal ingredients, the Restaurant ViDi menu is a sicilian/Mediterranean

journey. Guests may choose from three tasting menus:


Menu Sapurito (4 courses) – traditional dishes

Menu Terra (4 portate) – dishes from countryside

Menu Contaminationi (8 portate) – creative and innovative